Inauguration of CIDJAP’s Choral Group/ Choir

The saying goes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Also the Bible says that he who sings well prays twice. Our African society is saddled with a lot of burden from a perspective of corrupt government poverty, lack of proper education that great ignorant, but worst still, negative mind set encourage by our colonial masters.
As a result, the African work so hard without orientation, direction and plan; that result is, over stress without correspondent results. This obviously contribute to degeneration of African economy. Therefore, Africans most learn how to work with plan and strategy in other to produce adequate results. If after a day’s work one make out time for a relaxation one is rejuvenated more active for the next day’s work. Such work, will produce better result. Good music obviously can help contribute toward a good relaxation.

Objective of CIDJAP Choral Group / Choir

  • To pray while singing as he who sings prays twice.
  • To present our self, family and society to God through our voice
  • To use our music as a medium of evangelization.
  • To use our music as our instrument for propagating ethical principles in our society.
  • To make our good music become the best means of entertainment and relaxation.

Since its inauguration on the 30th July 2017 CIDJAP choral / choir has been invited to perform in very important occasions and state ceremony’s e.g.The Bishop of Enugu diocese have invite them to perform on the Christmas party organised for all the priest and religions in Enugu diocese on 1st December 2017. Secondly the governor of Enugu State has invited them to perform in Enugu state Christmas carol of Nine Lessons organized by the government house on December 22nd 2017.
We therefore solicit for your participation and sponsorship.