The Visit Of Misereor Evaluators

CIDJAP prison project is extensively sponsored by Misereor Germany and almost for past 30 years. The impact of CIDJAP in the prison in Enugu State has been emphasised (ref no15) As a result of this Misereor sends evaluators, one from Germany and one from Local sources to do constructive evaluation of CIDJAP’s Prison Project.
This exercise is done periodically. On October 2016 the exercise was deemed necessary to be done and CIDJAP welcomed Thomas Dune and Prince Ochi, the evaluators spent 3 weeks with CIDJAP staff and affiliates during the period of the evaluation.

Objective of the Evaluation

To access the work done so far on prison project and to recommend best ways forward. After the evaluation it was explicitly noted by the evaluators that CIDJAP prison project is very relevant to our society and to Misereor.