New Face Of Ethics and Christian Social Teaching

CIDJAP as an institute is concerned with education of our people. Since itsinception CIDJAP has been piloting an educational programme known as Christian Social Teaching. This an educational programme that makes relevant the social teaching of Catholic church to the situation of our people. Injustice, poverty, corruption, human right abuse and gender equity has been a major concern of the catholic right from the beginning.

This is the aim and objective of education programme of CIDJAP known as CST.

At the inception of office, the former Director Rev. Fr. Dr. Chinedu Odinkemelu Anieke in collaboration with Globe Ethics decided to give this educational programme a new lift by adding ethics as a major course in Catholic Social Teaching and re-christened it E-CST. The following are the new subject offered in the new E-CST

  • Ethics and Christian Social Teaching, Church History
  • Ethics applied to Economics and Political Sphere; Business Ethics and African value.
  • Family life and Sexualities
  • Micro Enterprise Promoting and Development and Credit Finance
  • Gender, Human Right Conflict Management, Violence and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Environment, Environmental Ethics
  • Canon Law and Civil Law
  • Globalization and African Self-Determination (Intercultural Dialogue)
  • Communication Studies and Media Techniques, Modern System of Evangelism, Networking and Computer Appreciation
  • Governance/Leadership training (Both Civil and Church)
  • Human Development and Empowerment
  • Social Transformation and Pastoral Methodology Research Methodology and the use of Library
  • Justice and Peace Studies
  • German language.
The program last for 2 academic semesters and at the end the graduating students issued with 2 certificate 1 Diploma certificate in E-CST 2 an international certificate of participation by Globe Ethic, a centre of Ethic in the whole world.