Relocation Of Cidjap Motherless Babies Home GAMB

CIDJAP runs two branches of a motherless babies’ home, one is Holy Child motherless babies home at Holy Ghost arena; the other is Guardian Angel motherless babies home at Nwannedinamba low-cost housing Estate. CIDJAP only supervises that of Holy Child while directly manages that of Guardian Angels home. The GAMB was transferred from Emene its original home to the present location because of lack of adequate space and environment at the old home. We can now boost of modern motherless babies’home with modern facilities, good environment and a home for the sisters who take care of the babies. The GAMB houses more than 70 children and given more than half of these children education up to Primary level.

We call on all well – meaning Nigeria to help in proving a conducive environment and sustainability for this children. Visit our motherless babies home from Monday to Sunday between 9am – 11am and2pm – 5pm every day.

Introduction Of E-Library At Ofuobi Africa Centre

CIDJAP plans to have a Centre for Academic Research at Ofuobi Africa Centre. The Officer that would man the Centre is undergoing intensive training at the Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu Nike Enugu. When it becomes functional, the centre will in no small measure, solve the problem of lack of research materials for academicians as the centre would be linked to some of her international partners for example of Global Ethics Geneva, AHFS Customer Medical Information, African Digital Library, Directory of Open Access Journal, eBook Collection (EBschoHost ), Entrepreneurial Studies Source and JSTOR Global Plant etc. In this regard CIDJAP seeks for sponsorship from interested donors.

CIDJAP’S New Agriculture Project

In the face of the current economic meltdown and the need to contribute to agriculture and livestock farming, CIDJAP as an institute of the Catholic church in line with the Church’s teachings on Ethics and Christian Social Teachings which is providing for the people and CIDJAP have shown it in establishing a piggery farm aimed at providing for the economic needs of the people such as employment, empowerment, and quality meat to the society. The farm is located at Oluaka Di Mma Vocational and Technical Training Center Coal Camp Enugu. We have pigs for sale including piglets. Here are some of our pigs.

As part of her self-sustenance policy the former Director Rev. Fr. Dr. Chinedu Odinkemelu Anieke championed the resurgence of CIDJAP’S agricultural project. After deliberation at the management level, approval was given tor CIDJAP to revive her love for agriculture which the founder had a passion for. At the Olu aka di Mma (V.T.T.C) Training Centre, CIDJAP have started a piggery which is doing well. This will be followed with the introduction of a Snail farm. You can call the Deputy Director Rev. Fr. Aloysius Agu or the Seminarian Chidera Okoro for details of the project.
The objective of this project is to increase the revenue base of CIDJAP and to contribute towards the production of protein for public consumption at a cheap rate.


CIDJAP Is Now A Member Of Global Ethics Consortium / Geneva

CIDJAP, represented by the Former Director Rev. Fr. Dr. Chinedu Odinkemelu Anieke who attended a consortium of higher institutions held in Geneva from the 20th to 24th June, 2017. As a result, CIDJAP has now been recognized as a member of the consortium of global ethics Geneva. Other attendees were Go University Enugu, UNN Enugu, ESUT Enugu, University ofSouth Africa and Catholic University East Africa Kenya just to mention but a few.
With this membership, CIDJAP has been recognized Globally as a centre for Ethics and for promotion of Ethical principle in our society. Membership of the Globe Ethics Geneva is not for free. Thanks to the Executive Director of Globe Ethic and founder of CIDJAP Very Rev. Monsignor. Prof. Obiora Ike who has been assisting CIDJAP financially. We call on all well-meaning people all over the world to understand the significant / important of ethics in all spheres of human endeavor and to promote the same.

CIDJAP Intervention At Nsukka Prison

There was an SOS from Nsukka Prison calling for intervention of CIDJAP following an outbreak of extreme skin disease that ravaged the inmates. The CIDJAP team was led by the former Director Rev. Father. Dr. Chinedu Odinkemelu Anieke on a fact-finding mission. We later went with a team of a medical Doctor, Nurses, Rev. Sister Theresa Nnochiri, 2 lawyers and 2 Prison welfare officers. About 120 inmates were medically examined and attended to. Our legal officers also interviewed some inmates who have special cases with the aim of bringing justices to their door steps.
The visit ended with a special vote of thanks rendered by the Deputy Controller of Prison. Who prayed to God to continue to provide for CIDJAP, later another team of Nurses and prison welfare officers went to administer the drugs CIDJAP bought for the inmates of Nsukka Prison.
Human rights is an area of deep concern to CIDJAP which has over the year’s spear headed the fight against its abuse. Through the concerted efforts of CIDJAP’s legal team and the welfare department of CIDJAP which is part of the legal department, so many people who have been languishing in detention have regained their freedom. Some awaiting trial detainees have been tried and are serving definitive terms. Through the effort of the CDJAP welfare department many prisoners have received humanitarian assistance especially in the area of Medicare, education, sanitation and covering all needs.

V.T.T.C Trainees Graduate In Grand Style

On the 15th of December 2017, 10 students of the Vocational Technical Training Centre Coal Camp Enugu graduated from the Centre after their training. A breakdown of the graduands are as follows:

  • 6 students from wielding and Fabrication Department.
  • 3 students from the Electrical Department.
  • 1 from Department of Automobile Engineering.
One best in academics was given award while the other student received an award as the best student in practical work. 30 new students of the Centre also went through the process of orientation on same day.

In line with the mission statement of CIDJAP, the convocation and graduation of this set of students gives credence to CIDJAP’S determination to empower the youths in our society by assisting them to learn and acquire skills that would enable them to compete effectively in the labour market; more so now that government employment is now a thing of the past.Accordingly, CIDJAP solicits for the assistance of public spirited persons and donor agencies in helping to sustain this laudable pragramme.

Multidoor Court Training for Lawyers in Enugu.

The multi door court system which is part of the new innovations embodied in the Enugu State Administration of Criminal Justice law, 2017, is in a nut-shell, a form of alternative dispute resolution (A.D.R) CIDJAP contributed towards the enactment of ACJ law through intensive lobby and funding, CIDJAP is a member of Enugu State Justice Reform Team (A.D.R)and has played a role since is inauguration 2006. The drafting of the ACJ law the debating and presentation to the public would not have been 100% successful without the contribution of CIDJAP. Hence the birth of the multi door court system od adjudication in Enugu State between the 9th and 13th of October 2017, CIJAP sponsored financially 85% of the cost of training of lawyers who will work in the Multi Door Court. The present of the Director of CIDJAP and the team of lawyers from CIDJAP during the training was a source of strength toward the success of the training. The new Chief Judge of Enugu State Hon Justices Emehelu who acknowledged the contribution of CIDJAP wished CIDJAP well and requested for more assistance from CIDJAP from CIDJAP in subsequent training. Over Two Hundred lawyers including Judicial Officers participated in the training.