CIDJAP Stabilizes Her Auto Mechanic Workshop

The new management at CIDJAP is unrelenting in sourcing for self-sustaining initiatives to keep its auto mechanic workshop at Oluaka di mma (V.T.T.C) Coal Camp Ogbete Enugu alive and financially stable. In this regard it took the decision to lease the auto mechanic workshop at Oluaka di mma to a competent auto mechanic who will in addition to repair of auto vehicles, teach the student s at Oluaka di mma the practical aspect of auto mechanic repairs whilst the female instructor would teach the students the theory aspect of auto mechanic repairs and maintenance. It is good to bring to the knowledge of the public that CIDJAP VTTC has trained Three ladies as qualified Auto Mechanics, that can bend down and repair cars and Vehicles of all kinds, through this CIDJAP brings into practice of her mission of human empowerment and encouragement of gender equity.

The renovation was started and concluded successfully. The Catholic Bishop of Enugu Dioceses, His Lord, Bishop C.V.C Onaga having given his approval from beginning now gave a date for its consecration and dedication of the chapel. This ceremony took place on……… and was well attended by dignitaries and friends of CIDJAP as well as some priests in Enugu Diocese.

Objective of this ceremony

After the consecration of the chapel and dedication by The Catholic Bishop of Enugu Dioceses, His Lord, Bishop C.V.C Onaga the CIDJAP staff have witness turnout of worshipers especially from the offices around CIDJAP and the staff Umuchinemere Procredit Microfinance Bank. Many people have also testified that the chapel has brought succor to their life and abundant of God’s blessing. The chapel is open every day for worshippers between 6.30am – 6.30pm. Holy masses are celebrated at the chapel every Wednesday and Friday by 12pm and on every first Friday of the month for special blessings.