OUR PROFILE | Catholic Institute of Development Justice and Peace


The Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP) is a social organ of the Catholic Church, committed to the implementation of the Catholic Social Teaching. It was registered at Abuja as number 7461 by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a non-governmental, non-profit, research and development organization.
The Institute commenced in 1986 from a lowly background and has grown to be top of the list and highly rated as an example of a success story in the arena of integral human development. It has evolved rapidly from modest beginnings to become one of Nigeria’s foremost and easily one of the most versatile, dynamic, effective and patently credible NGOs in Nigeria.
It is classified as the best example of providers of grassroots emancipation and holistic human development. Its numerous projects are in the area of education and children sponsorship/scholarship programme; prison and human rights struggle; primary health care and general health provision; housing and community development initiatives; micro-credit and loans portfolio; democracy monitoring and good governance projects; Caritas and social assistance for the indigent and the downtrodden of the society; conflict resolution and peace building; Muslim/Christian dialogue, corporate social responsibility, community development and peace. These goals have been the ideas to which the Institute have been committed and by which it is driven.
CIDJAP is recognized by many local, national and international agencies and organizations and has maintained a clear focus which is to serve the needs of the people.


The Centre which was established in 1998 has so far trained more than three hundred youths who graduated in various skills; such as automobile mechanic and allied trades, automobile panel beating and painting, electrical engineering, welding and fabrication, foundry, iron works, painting and computer, Technical drawing, Allied Trade Calculations, Christian Ethics and Moral studies etc. Impact of the project on the society is tremendous as its activities have led to policy shift by the state government towards skills acquisition for youth empowerment, reduction of unemployment, access to training, poverty reduction, self-reliant businesses and wealth creation. Several young men and women graduates of the Centre are today enjoying sustainable livelihoods.


There are two orphanage homes: Guardian Angels Motherless Babies Home, (GAMB) located at Nwanne Di na Mba along Abakaliki road, Enugu which presently houses about 31 children whereas, Holy Child Motherless Babies Home located at Holy Ghost Cathedral presently houses about 24 children. The two Orphanages protect the life of unborn children and hold counseling sessions for teenage pregnant girls. Medications are provided by the Homes for the children in the fight against childhood killer diseases. Several volunteer doctors, nurses, men, women and youths from Nigeria and abroad assist in the care of the children at the Orphanages. The two Orphanages are being run by Sisters of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM) congregation.


Many poor and vulnerable children are denied education due to lack of money. The Institute bridges this education gap with the educational sponsorship of more than five hundred indigent school children in the primary, secondary and tertiary schools who were assisted with the payment of their school fees. The Children Sponsorship desk was established in 1987 to alleviate problems faced by parents and guardians of indigent and brilliant children to ensure uninterrupted educational pursuit. Several indigent school children of peasant farmers, traders, retired and disengaged civil servants benefit from the desk’s educational sponsorship progarmme for the development of their talents.


In view of the constant abuse of the fundamental human and people’s rights, added to the crass lack and absence of gender rights, civil rights and various other rights of the people, CIDJAP continued to create awareness on the urgent need for the promotion and respect of all these rights. In the area of promotion and protection of the fundamental rights, CIDJAP handles about eighty-two litigations in a year inclusive of jail delivery. Then in the area of conflict resolution and counseling, CIDJAP handles more than six hundred cases in a year.


CIDJAP Publishing and Printing House established in memory of Joseph Cardinal Hoffmann, operates with a Kord-64 printing machine, and engages in the printing and publication of books, pamphlets, newsletters, brochures, cards, posters, advert artwork, handouts, public enlightenment printed matters and also offers paper cutting, lithographic and computer graphic design services.
The Press has continued to render high quality services to the public with the aid of a standby 6OKVA electric generating set in spite of the erratic electric power supply from the public supplies. A trial will convince you!


Have you ever tried CIDJAP Library? It is the brain-child of Rev. Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike. It was established 1990, in memory of Bishop John Cross Anyogu. It is a leading functional library in Enugu and many people use its facilities for their learning and educational research. The library has virile database and reference materials that enhance the deepening of knowledge among researchers, students of post primary schools, undergraduates and post graduate students.


Have you experienced CIDJAP primary healthcare programme? We have reached more than sixty communities across Enugu State. The community health center located at Akegbe Ugwu, covers more than twelve communities, the centre at Akpakwume and Nze respectively cover sixteen and twelve communities, while the centre at Ugwuomu Nike covers twenty communities. The people of the above named communities enjoy regular hospital, primary healthcare and maternity services, Health education, HIV/AIDS awareness, Family planning, Essential drugs and food/water supply, Treatment of minor ailments and dental care, Prevention and treatment of endemic diseases, Mental Health and domestic accident prevention, Environmental and occupational health.


The CIDJAP ‘Nwanne Di Na Mba’ Low Cost Housing Estate situated on one of the choice areas of Enugu, along the Enugu Abakaliki Expressway/Airport Road, Enugu, measuring about three hectares, is well laid out and has fifty units of semi-detached bungalows, The estate’s two bedroom apartments, each with one sitting room, one kitchen, one WC toilet and one bathroom, houses fifty families with more than two hundred occupants made up of men, women, youths and children. The housing estate is the contribution of the Institute towards solving the problems of inadequate and decent housing for the low income earners.


Have you been to our relaxation and conference center at ‘OFU OBI AFRICA CENTER’? The serene and well kept natural environment attracts a lot of patronage from the public. The management has through prudential management projected the center to such an enviable height that it has become the cynosure of all eyes and attraction. No wonder the film industry is attracted to its village setting, serenity, well-kept and neat lawns and above all, the neat expansive rooms, 2000 hall capacity for conferences, wedding and other events and such private facilities as internet etc that would make any customer comfortable.


The Christian virtue of charity drives the overall act of the Institute in line with the words of Christ that teaches love and universal fellowship. The Institute over the years through its Caritas desk has developed decentralized parish outreaches and organized seminars and outreaches to the poor on parish levels meeting the diverse needs of several hundreds of poor, needy, sick, destitute, and displaced people. The Caritas desk since inceptions in 1996 has put smiles on the faces of many orphans, widows, disabled, poor, sick, needy, destitute, war victims, victims of herdsmen and ‘Boko haram’ attacks, displaced persons by the delivery of healthcare services, hospital bills, financial grants as well as emergency relief supplies of food, medicine and clothing.


The CIDJAP Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) project covers three (3) local governments namely: Udenu, Isiuzo and Igbo-etiti in Nsukka. The three local governments have 11 facilities. The Orphan and Vulnerable Children Project is centered basically on four domains which include Healthy, Safe, School and Stable. The OVC 4Gate project is funded by Center for Disease Control (CDC) with four implementing partners, Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria, Palladium, Catholic Relief Services and Pro-Health International Africa. CIDJAP in the OVC 4Gates project was given a target of 1,916 beneficiaries at the end of the FY20 CIDJAP had enrolled and served 2,158 beneficiaries. CIDJAP in the OVC project has touched the communities positively and has recorded a lot of success stories.
CIDJAP is also contributing to the education of children. The establishment of the school is a clear demonstration on the part of CIDJAP to catch them young and implant in them, a strong education with sound ethics and morals. The school is run by DMMM sisters and it is located at NWANNE DI NA MBA LOW COST HOUSING ESTATE along ENUGU ABAKALIKI express way/airport, Enugu. Our teachers are well trained and the school has been growing from strength to strength since inception.