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CIDJAP library was established in 1990 in the memory of Bishop John Cross Anyogu the first Bishop of Enugu diocese. The aim is to promote education to the highest level, it has attained a greater height and still maintains a lead in Enugu urban as many young people continue to use the library facilities for their learning and research programmes.

We are trying our possible best to serve the teaming number of youths who depend on the library for their brighter future.

The Library has been growing from strength to strength. Last year we registered up to SEVEN HUNDRED students excluding researchers and this year, up to five hundred and fifty have already registered, hopefully, before the year runs out more than one thousand will be enrolled into the Library.

Our library is not a special library, it has books in all fields of studies both foreign and local books alike.

We are indeed working with the spirit of the founder Rev.Fr, Dr. Prof. Obiora Ike, the new Director Rev. Fr. Dr. Chinedu O. Anieke CIDJAP staff and most importantly the memorabilia (Bishop John Cross Anyogu).

In fact, our library do advertise itself. (No speech, no words, no voice is heard, yet our span extends through all the earth their words to the utmost bounds of the world- psalm 19: 3-5)

Indeed our library has touched lives. Many users are already abroad appreciating across as well as those with in the country. Come and see……….. be enrolled, enroll your children/ wards.


CIDJAP Library established 1990, in memory of Bishop John Cross Anyogu is a leading functional library in Enugu and many people use its facilities for their learning and educational research.

The library has championed linking and supporting students who are either in school or are desirous of being admitted into the tertiary institutions around Enugu. About 450 students come to the library at different intervals. They come around to read their books and support each other in their pursuit for better academic future.

The library has virile database and reference materials that enhance the deepening of knowledge among researchers, students of post primary schools, undergraduates and post graduate students, which make up its large membership and who enjoy the huge volumes and reference materials on diverse fields of education and learning such as social sciences, economics and natural sciences.

Many organizations including the UNICEF, individual and publishing houses have donated books, library materials and equipment to increase the library stock.

However, one key challenge the library faces is that of upgrading the library to an e-library which will benefit the students on research to access more books. They also need more hard copy books to boost what they have. They remain grateful to all who support them and pray for a greener 2014 business year.