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The mission of Ofuobi Africa Centre is embedded within the mission statement of CIDJAP, which more specifically is ‘empowerment of people, creating hope and working for peace’. We do this by offering hospitality to those who seek our services. In addition, because of our serene and unique location, we add, ‘for the care of the environment and integrity of creation’.

In the context of welcoming and offering hospitality we see our role as that of giving guests a healthy and life-giving experience, be it brief or prolonged. We  do this by ensuring that our premises are as beautiful and as clean as they can be, that the compound is neat, well-maintained and devoid of rubbish, that all equipment is serviceable, repaired and in good working order. We have a welcoming and gracious attitude, understanding well that the customer is always right. We hope, and pray, that all who come will find bodily and spiritual refreshment.

Ofuobi Africa Centre offers a great picnic environment with nicely mowed green grass resembling that of a golf course. During a stay at the centre, visitors could walk down the stairs to a stream that flows beside the resort for a moment of inner peace that the natural view provides. 

We continue to become what we are- a ‘Research Centre for Catholic Social Thought and Action.


The workshop was anchored by Rev. Sr. Anette Sullivan who is the Programme Manager, CIDJAP & Managing Director, Ofu Obi, Africa Center and the personnel manager, CIDJAP Mr. Goddy Ike.

The workshop was in two phases, the first phase centering on “what is your ethics, why am I a staff of CIDJAP”. The second phase has to do with the responsibilities of each individual and how well each and everyone is going about its fulfillment.

----- as part of the Ministry of Everyday Life

The word of God’s revelation is profoundly marked by the fundamental truth that human beings, created in the image of God share by their WORK in the activity of the creator. Human beings in a sense continue to develop the activity of the creator and perfect it. As they advance further in the discovery of the resources and values contained in the whole of creation. The faithful, therefore must learn the deepest meaning and the values of all creation, and its orientation to the praise of God. The knowledge that by means of WORK humanity shares in the work of creation constitutes the most profound motive for undertaking it in various sectors. By our labour we are unfolding the creator’s work and contributing to the realization of God’s plan on earth. The Christian message binds us firmly to build the world. …. And to not neglect our fellow human beings. The eloquence of the life of Christ is unequivocal: He belongs to the working world’……. He has appreciation and respect for human work. It can indeed be said that ‘He looks with love upon human work’ and the different forms that it takes. Seeing in each one of these forms a particular facet of humanity’s likeness with God, the Creator…. While providing the substance of life for themselves and their families, men and women are performing their activities in a way which appropriately benefits society. In this way the WORLD will be permeated by the spirit Christ and more effectively achieve its purpose in justice charity and peace… work remains a good thing, not only because it is useful and enjoyable, but also because it expresses and increases the workers dignity. Through work we not only transform the world, we are transformed ourselves. For when people work, they not only alter things and society, they develop themselves as well. They learn much, they cultivate their resources, and they go outside of themselves and beyond themselves.

Ofu Obi Africa Centre for Intercultural Dialogue

Ofu Obi Africa Centre for Intercultural Dialogue is a highly rated conference centre in Enugu State. The Centre has hosted several workshops, conferences, retreats, seminars, meetings and social events organized by the institute and other government and private organizations.

The Centre is a place for holidays and has more than fifty bed accommodation, open air 100-seater conference hall, 300-seater hall, business centre, beautiful manicured lawns, vegetation and natural stream.

The Centre's Bishop Michael Ugwu Eneja Hall houses a cyber cafe, library, restaurant and first class suites.

This rare garden of nature, a climax of naturalness and green is constantly inviting the weary passerby to come in and have a bath in serenity that will revive his fainting soul.

This is Africa, it is not the blossom of snow, it is the bloom and grow of flowers and plants and trees of a great continent whose sun is excitingly delicious and calls to mind the majestic Solomon in his kingly regalia yet less in beauty than the reds and yellow and purple and blue and white of God's hand in the flowers. The truth is that there is a place like the picture in your mind now and move, come, just come and see and bring the world to us for a dance with peace.

This rare African centre for social thought and action is a rare song of the splendid vegetation of Africa. The centre situate in its glance and embrace, in rising beauty and awe and captivation is nature's meeting point.

Ofu Obi Services Include:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Holidays
  • Book launch
  • Wedding and reception
  • Picnics
  • Executive meetings
  • Trainings Etc

We also offer: lodging accommodation
Catering services
Come to No. 3-5
Ofuobi Street (Behind NICON Insurance Building)
Independence Layout Enugu,
Or call 07033357452, 08034787829,
08062751038, 08060778801,
Email: ofuobiafrica@yahoo.com
At your services at affordable prices

Ofu Obi Africa Centre 2013 Update

This center has maintained a natural decorum of which it is known since its inception. Ofu Obi is neat, well organized, highly hospitable, serene, cozy and highly inviting.

Within the year ended, the center has strived astutely to keep its name in the green records of 3 star rating. Their records are encouraging and good. The center is gradually gaining the confidence of the Nollywood movie stars of Nigeria because it has been able to meet their interests and standard.

The basic challenge of the center is that of upgrading of utilities by the acquisition of facilities to improve the centre as well as finishing of more rooms to meet the needs of custormers.