Addressing Voter Education and Election Monitoring ahead of 2015

Elections 2015 are around the corner. Over 60% of our youth are without meaningful jobs while others are in the streets. They form the vulnerable group who can easily be co-opted into being instruments for the politicians in the upcoming election. Experiences of the past have opened many eyes to this challenge.

It is on this note that CIDJAP took the bold step to reach out to youth and sensitize them on best practices during this period of political campaign and electioneering. The youth are being sensitized on the strength of their vote and how much it count, that it is similar to selling ones birth right over a plate of pottage. The youth were encouraged to shun all manner of seduction and compromises that will endanger their voting rights and install unqualified persons into relevant offices.

However, CIDJAP participated in the elections monitoring conference organized in Abuja on the 27th of February 2014. It was tagged 2015 Forum for Election Observers. This forum was a call on all election observers and monitors to rise up to the challenges that are forthcoming in 2015.

CIDJAP was recognized as a credible NGO in Enugu State which promote good governance and accountability and also ensures respect of voting rights through human rights campaign and voter education.