CIDJAP on the side of the Persecuted Christians with the support of CSI

The Christian Solidarity International (CSI), an international donor organization based in Switzerland and the United States of America, has extended support to CIDJAP in her course to provide for the persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

In the last years in Nigeria, persecution of Christians has increased tremendously to the record of thousands who have lost their lives and properties worth millions destroyed. Behind this mayhem is the Boko Haram that stood out to expel Christianity, Western Education and Civilization in Nigeria.

The affected persons count over 80% who are Igbos and Christians in Nigeria. They stranded are stranded. It is on this note that CSI has come in to support CIDJAP reach out to these poor and stranded Christians.

The grant received has aided the training of Children in Schools, provision of basic amenities for quality education, feeding and medical care for their children and empowerment of 75 women under the Grassroot Women Empowerment and Development Education (GWEDE).

In his speech, the Director of CIDJAP expressed joy at the work and support received from the CSI and has called for prayers for Peace and calm in Nigeria.