The Opening Year Retreat for CIDJAP Staff

The staff of CIDJAP after a Christmas holidays, resumed duty on 19th January 2015. They began with a two day retreat programme facilitated by Sr. Annett Sullivan at Ofuobi Africa Centre which equally accommodated all the staff of CIDJAP subsidiary projects. The aim of the retreat was to launch the staff into the New Year with new ideas, also on how to move the institute forward which is the key towards achieving its goals.

The programme started with an opening mass concelebrated by the Deputy Director Fr. Aloysius Agu and CIDJAP- VERBUM Manager, Fr. Paul Akpomie O.P. After the mass, staff retired to the event venue where Sr.Annett Sullivan welcomed them and thanked God who kept them alive to witness the New Year.

She introduced the theme of the workshop as "Spirituality of solidarity". She advised the staff to stay focus and visionary and to keep the lamp of hope burning in the world filled with many dark spot.

SWOT analysis also came into play when she grouped the staff into small units and challenged them into discovering through discussion what were the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of CIDJAP. All the points were collected and analyzed. She also introduced SMART method of pursuing organizational goals (S-specific, M-measurable, A-achievable, R-realistic, T-time bound) as it regards achieving our goal as an institute through the activities of our different departments.

She explained its full meanings as follows: SPECIFIC- Being able to narrow down our objectives on the particular goal we want to achieve. MEASURABLE- There must be evidence that one has attained its goal. ACHIEVABLE-It must be an attainable goal. REALISTIC- The goal must be achievable within the resources one has on ground .TIME BOUND- The goal must be achievable within a specific time frame. The exercise helped the different departments to set up a goal and means of achieving it for the New Year.

Fr. Paul Akpomie also delivered a talk on Spirituality of Solidarity. He stressed on the need for collaboration within different departments of CIDJAP in the spirit of solidarity which will help the institute to move forward. He also talked on the need for information sharing and for staff to desist from poor attitude to work and to imbibe in them the spirit of compassion.

The Deputy Director, Fr. Aloysius Agu encouraged the staff to be visionary. He stressed on the need for dedication towards ones assignment.

The Director's message was read by the Deputy Director. The Director, Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike thanked the staff for their attendance and advised all as follows: There should be agenda and target setting, efficiency, programs development, and all round improvement of services by all.

The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks by the CIDJAP legal consultant Barr. Mrs. P. C. Egbuna. In her speech, she appreciated the good work of Sr. Annett Surllivan and thanked her for the well packaged workshop. She equally thanked the staff for their collaborative participation and prayed that the good spirit of this workshop will guide the staff throughout the year.