Aims & Objectives

CIDJAP was designed to be useful to many people and over the years, has worked so hard to fulfill these aims:

  • The Institute works to awaken the people of God to the full understanding of their worth and role in creation, of other people and especially in the areas of justice, development and peace.
  • CIDJAP frame-work is the Catholic Social Teaching dissemination in order that through its practice, the world may become a better place.
  • The Institute sponsors talented children of suitable character for technical, practical and theoretical education within the country and abroad.
  • By virtue of its position as agent of development, the Institute fosters international development and cooperation among nations and bodies.
  • As an African institute, CIDJAP promotes African culture with the aim of making it more relevant for international cooperation.
  • The Institute champions the cause of the oppressed and the marginalized by speaking out and acting against injustice and oppression, abuse and neglect and being the last hope of the common man onmatters of human rights and civil liberties.
  • Initiating, participating and developing projects in areas such as public health, agriculture, housing, women empowerment, academic research, youth employment and vocational training.
  • CIDJAP recognizes the necessity of the three basic needs of man and it strives to provide water, clothing, food and housing for as many people as possible.
  • As an Institute for peace, CIDJAP initiates dialogue and friendship between the Catholic Church and various Christians, and other non-Christian religions such as; Islam and traditional religions.
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