St. Joseph Nur & Pri School

Brief History of the School

CIDJAP-ST. Joseph N/P was founded by Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike on the 16thday of August 2015. The school was built in favourof the motherless children and orphans in Guardian Angels Motherless Babies Home and Holy Child Motherless Babies Home in Enugu Diocese. This generous gesture by the founder of the school was undertaken to meet the educational needs of the children in the above charitable homes and also to provide an opportunity for quality education for primary school children in Enugu State. The building project of the school was sponsored by the family foundation of Mr. Joseph Wiederkehr of Dietikon Swithzerland in 2015. The religious congregation of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy was invited to manage the school for the Diocese with Rev. Sr. Marius Chinenye Nwahiri as the pioneer headmistress of the school.

Proprietor of the School
The school is owned by the Catholic Institute for Development Justice and Peace (CIDJAP). CIDJAP is a Non Governmental Organization that is owned and managed by the Catholic Diocese of Enugu with Most. Rev. Dr. CallistusOnaga as the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese and Rev. Fr. Dr. ChineduOdinkemeluAnieke as the Director of CIDJAP.
School Motto: Knowledge and Fear of God

School Goal: Our main goal is to raise pupils with a high standard of education in both morals and religion.

School Aim: We aim at achieving a high standard of teaching and learning for the benefit of our pupils through the employment of qualified teachers and the provision of modernized instructional materials and equipment for imparting knowledge to pupils.

School Missson: The school seeks to observe and uphold the mission of its founding parent which has the following as their mission:

Empowerment of people.
Promotion of integral development.
Challenging structures of injustice.
Creating hope.
Working for peace.

A Short Focus On Cidjap St. Joseph School Mission.

Education is viewed as the highest source of empowerment for every child or adult. It is usually said that when a child is not informed he/she becomes deformed. Therefore, CIDJAP School looks forward to raising children that will have a solid educational and moral foundation that can foster integral development and pave way for a future full of hope and success for a child. CIDJAP school also has it as one of their mission to train children to understand at their own level what justice entails and how a child could help to build a just and Christian society where structures of injustices will be strictly challenged to give room to justice and peace. It is also our mission to help in training children with sound Christian doctrines in order to dispose them to love God, live good Christian lives and above all, be law abiding good citizens of our country Nigeria.

Cidjap School Code Of Conduct For Pupils.

Punctuality to school.
Attentiveness in class.
Respect to teachers and authorities.
Determination and hard work.
Discipline and responsibility.
Neatness and orderliness.
Peace and joy.

Cidjap School Code Of Conduct For Teachers

Commitment to duty.
Model-oriented character.
Discipline and responsibility.
Modesty and neatness.
Peace and joy

Rev. Sr. Marius Chinenye Nwahiri

Rev. Sr. Marius Chinenye Nwahiri

Headmisstress of the School

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