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The problem with development and growth in Africa, it is generally held, is mainly that of leadership. But it is the method by which leaders are put in place that militates against the emergence of genuine leaders.

Election is a critical issue in this. Therefore, we are involved in continuous political education for the electorate towards the evolution a reliable and favourable political culture.

In the year 2002, the Justice, Development and Peace Commission of the Catholic Church in Nigeria received authority to monitor and observe the 2003 general elections.

In Enugu State we inherited the responsibility to discharge this duty of political empowerment of the masses.

We trained more than 30 thousand young men and women as observers and monitors for the 2003 general elections. It was an experiment that paid back well because it became very clear that Nigerian electoral process was a smokescreen and nothing to write home about.

It was dubious and lacked in transparency and decorum. The election was marred by massive rigging, violence and irregularities and is therefore fails short of the credentials of free and fair elections.

Monitoring the process and activities of government is another important aspect our mandate. Budget tracking is another area where we spend much time energy, since how the money of government is spent is of special importance to us.

Poverty cannot be reduced nor can better life be guaranteed for the people if no attention is paid to how government money is spent. The best way therefore to follow up the activities of government is by following the budget.

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