Persecution of Christians

About Persecution of christians

The situation of Human Rights in Nigeria and the persecution of Christians deteriorated since 2009.

An Islamic fanatic group known as Boko Haram emerged on the social scene and has unleashed great mayhem and terror on the lives of innocent citizens and other persons for their faith. Many persons have lost lives, properties and families, particularly children who are now orphans.

Lives are lost in churches and homes, churches are burnt down, Pastors are attacked, children and pregnant mothers are maimed and slaughtered to make show, and nights have turned darkest.

Families of Christians are killed on their way to work, in churches and in open places. Many children are abandoned and left to die.

The activities of CIDJAP within the last few years and since the inception of Boko Haram and its terror and persecution of Christians in Nigeria include but not limited to these:

  • Creating worldwide awareness on the situation of persecution of Christians in Nigeria.
  • Support for refugee Christians from the North with places of refuge and safe homes.
  • Interreligious Dialogue and discourses on conflict resolution.
  • International and National networking with NGOs, Government Organizations and Institutions such as CSI, HMK, Misio, ACN, etc.
  • Support for orphaned and vulnerable children whose parents were killed in the religious crisis in the North.
  • Support with training for women to be re-integrated after a gruesome experience in the hands of the Islamic sect.
  • Emergency International support to Christians and Pastors in the Northern Nigeria.
  • Solidarity and prayers for the martyred Christians who were killed in the religious crisis.
  • Material support with food, cloths, shelter and money for a better life after escape from the North with nothing to live on.
  • Moral support through counseling, goodwill and encouragements for the survivors of martyrdom and Christian Persecution.
  • Supply of human care, legal care, parental care and soul care for the betterment of the refugee mothers, fathers and children.

What CIDJAP has done on Interreligious and Refugee Support:

  • CIDJAP has reintegrated and supported 75 women who took refuge in the East after a gruesome experience of Persecution in the North (support includes training and setting up of business) since crisis began.
  • 102 children have been housed in the Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home in Emene since 2011.
  • CIDJAP has engaged stakeholders at different levels to advocate for religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence in Enugu and some states of the south-east.
  • CIDJAP has supported the Christian Defense Force on a wide range of preventive approach to insecurity and self support.

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