Entrepreneurial Leadership For SME’s

About  Entrepreneurial Leadership for SME’s

The need for well trained entrepreneurs is the catalyst for a stable economy. Entrepreneurs often are persons whose performance in the public and private sector of an economy like Nigeria balances the gaps between government and non governmental activities. Through their engagement as leadership agents in society, Self reliant businesses are enhanced; skills acquisition is promoted and small and medium scale entrepreneurs given access to training and financial capital for their businesses.

CIDJAP founded the Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs and Training Association (SEPTA) in 1993 which membership is over 200 entrepreneurs in various business concerns in Nigeria. The SEPTA is a registered entity under Nigerian laws and its members carry out serious businesses as an organization with CIDJAP support.

CIDJAP also formed the Grassroots Women Empowerment and Development Education (GEWEDE) in 1996 which has currently over 5000 members (all female entrepreneurs) and spread over the rural and urban areas of Nigeria, especially in the south East. These two organizations meet regularly and under CIDJAP have been trained and networked to institutions, firms, market linkages and banks for mutual benefit.

The foundation by CIDJAP of the Vocational Industrial Technical Training Centre (VITTC) at Coal Camp Enugu in 1996, funded by the European Union, the UNDP and the Rhein Donau Foundation, Germany with support from FIDESCO Austria has made it possible for over 1000 young men and women to receive training in practical fields of wielding, electrical wiring, plumbing, design, mechanics and various automobile and water management techniques.

For the entrepreneurial development of Women in Nigeria, CIDJAP co-founded the Nazareth Skills Center at Coal camp Enugu to empower young women to obtain skills for self reliance and better their lives. Since 1990, the Center has trained out over 1500 graduands who are gainfully employed or have started their own projects.

The CIDJAP which runs the Small Projects Fund to access and train small lenders and businesses to create wealth and become self reliant has also co founded the establishment of a reputable and leading Micro Finance Bank, the Umuchinemere Micro-Finance Procredit Bank (UPMFB Ltd) in Enugu, Nigeria as a leading shareholder. The business started in 1995 as a Community Bank for the purposes of granting revolving loans and financial services to entrepreneurs has an asset base of over 2 billion Naira and has been generally awarded prizes from the Central Bank of Nigeria and other leading financial service providers for best practices and poverty reduction. The linkage between this bank and the various projects for entrepreneurial support, training and leadership promotion is best in class.

Together with the Growing Businesses Foundation, (GBF) Lagos, CIDJAP founded the Micro Enterprise development Co-operation (MDC) in year 2001 which holds quarterly training programme for selected participants from various NGO’s; entrepreneurs, the larger society and centers of practical training for unemployed youth. The MDC has held over 100 training programmes over the last ten years on decentralized economic development, governance, technology, environment, water resources and agriculture, skills acquisition techniques, marketing and market linkages, sustainable development and economic transformation for businesses and practitioners in Nigeria.

These trainings have received technical and funding support from governments within Nigeria, international donor support, Foundations and the local partners at CIDJAP with several publications of its activities

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