Our Values

According to Aristotle, nothing is as practical as a good theory. The work of the Catholic Institute for Development Justice and Peace (CIDJAP) revolves on a number of principles and values which keep it going and these include:

  • Compassion for people confronted by poverty and hardship regardless of whether or not the suffering is in the public eye.
  • Solidarity with the people ravaged by the reality of poverty and exclusion, and also discerning its underlying causes.
  • Partnerships are fostered between poor communities and donor agencies which recognize the importance of each other.
  • The Integrity of creation is recognized in the intimate relationship between protecting and sustaining the environment and promoting human development.
  • Stewardship is sustained as the Institute strives to manage all the resources entrusted to it and are openly accountable for our work.
  • Love, faith and hope propel CIDJAP on.
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