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About Children’s Sponsorship

The CIDJAP Sponsorship is a brain child of Very Rev. Msgr. Obiora Ike. It started in 1987 with the aim of helping bright children from indigent families to gain basic education. This need arose from the high cost of education, inflation, poverty, bad leadership, misplaced priority amongst other vices. The aim is to give orientation, hope, integral development, abilities for a brighter future to young generation. It follows the concept of showing a young child how to fish rather than giving him or her a fish.

Over the years, the Project has trained more than 3000 students in all walks of life. The scheme trains children from primary school to tertiary school. Presently, the scheme has more than 740 children in different schools in Enugu and beyond. The parents of these children visit the CIDJAP complex every term to collect the school fees of their children. The Sponsors in return get the results and the appreciation letters from the beneficiaries every term. The children are all excelling in their academics that one of them by name Faithfullness Nnenna Okoro, wrote a book captioned ‘’Withered Blossom’’

The sponsors in this programme come from Kelkheim and Tettenweis Parishes Germany. In recent time, few local donors have joined the list of the sponsors. The major coordinators through which CIDJAP reaches to the donors are Meggy Kantert, Klaus Kohlpaintner and Hau Wolfgang.

The project has been beneficial to many families who have lost hope to training their children in school due to high cost of education in Nigeria. It has really helped the recipients to be self reliant as it has positively affected their well being thereby bringing the much needed social change in the community. Many influential people in the society today have benefited from the scheme and they are all ambassadors of CIDJAP. Presently, there are so many poor children in the awaiting list that are wasting their time at home and seeking for sponsors. CIDJAP will be very happy to have more benefactors in order to reach out to these children.


Head, Children’s Sponsorship: 08066955907


Ebelechukwu Odinachi

Ebelechukwu Odinachi

General Manager of Children Sponsorship

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