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About Children’s Sponsorship

The CIDJAP sponsorship started in 1987 with the concept of the founder, Msgr. Obiora Ike wanted to give hope and brighter opportunities to indigent children.

The mission statement of CIDJAP is integral development is the best approach to achieving that goal. He started the project on the philosophy of not giving people fish but showing them the way to fish.

The scheme was introduced following the trend of inflation. Uncertainty, instability, and high cost of having in Nigeria and against the backdrop that education is a luxury to average and indigent families.

The names of the indigent children are collected from poor rural families and orphans through the church structure and other community-based organizations.

The names are scrutinized and sorted out. Investigations are made to know their real state and sponsors are sought for them. They come to CIDJAP every term to receive their school fees and correspondence is kept for follow-up. Presently, the scheme has over six hundred and twenty beneficiaries.

1. Friends from Tettenweis, Germany

2. Friends from Kelkheim Germany

3. Friends from Meggy Kenkert, Germany


5. Nobert and Stephine Fraugenberg

6. Local Sponsors from Nigeria.

7. Christian Solidarity International

The amount involved in the sponsorship

Naira Euro Dollar Sterling
Primary 25,000 55 90 45
Secondary 38,500 90 140 70
Tertiary 62,000 140 225 115

The economic situation in Nigeria is very unfavorable to average citizens and so many children are dropping out of school due to the high cost of living and school fees. The continued unrest, especially in the Northern part of the are adding to the number of prospective beneficiaries on our list., There are so many unattended files on our desk and we hope to find sponsors for them as we endeavor to give them hope, a brighter future, and reduce poverty and crime to the barest minimum.
The project will not be there in the first place without the efforts and support of our indefatigable sponsors. We are so grateful to all of you sponsors and would be sponsors and pray to God to replenish your purse a hundredfold. The staff of CIDJAP prays daily for each and every one of you at our private chapel, Queen of Peace Chapel CIDJAP. Masses are said every Wednesday and Friday for your private intentions. Your contributions have affected so many lives positively and there are so many success stories of children who achieved their life aspirations not minding their poor background. The scheme is thirty years and there is hope that it will continue to affect lives in the future.



Head, Children’s Sponsorship: 08066955907


Ebelechukwu Odinachi

Ebelechukwu Odinachi

General Manager of Children Sponsorship

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