About Housing

In a effort to tackle the housing needs of the people of Enugu Diocese, the then Bishop of the Diocese, Most Reverend Doctor Michael Ugwu Eneja, in 1996 commissioned a housing estate named Nwanne Di Na Mba Social Housing Estate.

Built by CIDJAP with financial grants from the European Union, Brussels and the Papal Missionary Works, Germany, the Nwanne Di Na Mba Low Cost Housing Estate situated on one of the choice areas of Enugu, along the Enugu Abakaliki Expressway/Airport Road, Enugu, measuring about three hectares, is well laid out and has fifty units of semi-detached bungalows.

The estate’s two bedroom apartments, each with one sitting room, one kitchen, one WC toilet and one bathroom, houses fifty families with more than one hundred and fifty occupants made up of men, women, youths and children.

The housing estate is the contribution of the Institute towards solving the problems of inadequate and decent housing for the low income earners.

In the future, the Institute will expand the estate by the construction of more houses to provide decent accommodation for the people some of whom reside in hovels, slums and shacks due to lack of affordable and decent housing in the urban area.

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