Printing & Publishing

A printing and publishing house was established by the Institute in memory of Joseph Cardinal Hoffner with the support of the Catholic Diocese of Cologne.

It was set up with the aim of printing which earned CIDJAP the status as founding member and one of the signatories to the Association of Catholic Publishers of Africa.

The press principally meets the institute’s internal printing and publishing needs and as well offers commercial services to the public who are also availed quality computer typesetting editings and graphic designs.

The Catholic Institute for Development Justice and Peace has over the years released several books and publications that mainly comprise compilations of the institute’s organized workshop and seminar papers.

These publications which enrich people’s knowledge in all aspects of social and economic sectors are available at libraries, bookstores and they include:

    1. Catholic Social Teaching Enroute in Africa, by Obiora Ike, 1990, ISBN 978-222-135 (380 pages)

    1. Our Destiny Lies In Our Hands, By Obiora Ike etal, 1990 (11 pages)

    1. Human Rights, Human Dignity And Catholic Social Teaching: Lesson For The Church In Nigeria, By Obiora Ike & Igboaja U. 1992, ISBN 978-22 141 4

    1. A Historical Overview Of The Social Teaching Of The Church (Problems, Prospects And Possibilities For Adaptation In Nigeria) – In Human Rights Human Dignity And Catholic Social Teaching, By Obiora Ike, 1992 (Pages 3879)

    1. The Catholic Pries, Foreword To A Book- The Catholic Reflections, By Onoyim T, 1992 (Pages Ix-Xi)

    1. Faith And Life: Social Pastoral Reflections – The Challenges Ahed, By Obiora Ike, 1997. ISBN 33138 9-4 (125 Pages)

    1. A Post Synod Theological Evaluation of the Theme: Justice And Peace- In Towards An Indigenous African Church, By Obiora Ike, 1996, ISBN 978 33138 51 (107 Pages)

    1. The Fantasy Of Human Rights, By Obiora Ike, 1997, ISBN 331389-4 (325 Pages)

    1. Development Strategies And Financial Management Of Projects, By Obiora Ike Et Al, 1997. ISBN 978 33138 5 1 (176 Pages)

    1. Freedom Is More Than A Word, By Obiora Ike, 1998, ISBN 978 34677 0 0 (300 pages)

    1. Understanding Africa Traditional Legal Reasoning Jurisprudence And Justice In Africa – By Obiora Ike & Ndidi Nnoli Edozien, 2001, ISBN 978 34677 3 5

    1. Micro Enterprises Development Cooperation International Best Practices In Micro Finance: The Grameen Experience Development Cooperation- By Obiora Ike & Ndidi Nnoli Edozien, 2001, ISBN 978 201-50 1 (52 pages)

  1. Nigerian prisons- Hell Above Ground- a Compendium of conference papers on Nigerian Prisons organized by the Nigerian prison Chaplains Pastoral Care, 2005.




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