Children’s Sponsorship

The CIDJAP sponsorship started in 1987 with the concept of the founder, Msgr. Obiora Ike who wanted to give hope and brighter opportunities to indigent children.

The mission statement of CIDJAP is integral development is the best approach to achieving that goal. He started the project on the philosophy of not giving people fish but showing them the way to fish.

The scheme was introduced following the trend of inflation. Uncertainty, instability and high cost of having in Nigeria and against the backdrop that education is a luxury to average and indigent families.

The names of the indigent children are collected from poor rural families and orphans through the church structure and other community based organization.

The names are scrutinized and sorted out. Investigation are made to know their real state and sponsors are sought for them. They come to CIDJAP every term to receive their school fees and correspondence are kept for follow-up. Presently, the scheme has over six hundred and twenty beneficiaries.

1. Friends from Tettenweis, Germany

2. Friends from Kelkheim Germany

3. Friends from Meggy Kenkert, Germany


5. Nobert and Stephine Fraugenberg

6. Local Sponsors from Nigeria.

7. Christian Solidarity International

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News & Events