Legal Department 2012 Update

In the current year, CIDJAP has continued to create awareness of the need for respect for human rights, prisoners’ support, and improvement of the Justice sector.

In line with Pope John Paul II’s values on human rights and the Institute’s belief that the violation, abuse, or neglect of any fundamental human right translates to the abuse, neglect, and violation of all human rights.

However, CIDJAP has handled more than 265 litigations through conflict resolution, arbitration, court representations, and counseling. The discharge and release of several prison inmates were also facilitated by the Institute while their support and reintegration have been championed by the Institute.

The CIDJAP legal advocacy is a recent innovation designed to project the activities of the legal department headed by Mrs. P.C. Egbuna.

CIDJAP legal advocacy team partners with the J4A (Justice for All) program of the DFID (British Department for International Development) in conjunction with the Enugu State Justice Reform Team (ESJRT) in reviewing existing sentencing laws in Enugu State and suggesting amendments and/or the drafting of a new bill which would subsequently be passed into law should the need arise.

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